Searching Desktop Files using Software

This is the information age. There is more information about everything available in many formats than ever before in the history of mankind. This would seem to be a great thing. However, looking and retrieving needed information, reviews, reports and other papers actually involves going back and forth between multiple resources. Current estimates by, an information search company, estimate that the average business person will spend about 50% of their day simply looking up this wealth of information to serve their clients. Adding different media sources to this conglomeration results in a time consuming process. Seizing upon this problem, delivered its first desktop search software to the business community in 2003.

X1, named after the first jet to exceed the speed of sound, has developed a suite of software that simplifies searches to one screen. The desktop software automatically searches hundreds of sources through the internet. It can run on desk top computers, laptops, and touch pads. This program can search databases stored in the cloud as well. The latest update of the program will search files in Exchange or SharePoint formats, too. All the user has to do is go to the software opening page and input their topic. Numerous searches will appear on the right side of the page, one after the other. Yes, this is something like Google, but without the advertisements and pop culture references. Desktop Search is designed so that business people using this product are able to free up time to complete more sales and provide more support to the bottom line.


X1 sells this product for a reasonable fee and provides technical support to all companies using their product. When this product was released in 2003, received industry awards for best new software program. Due to the development of virtual computers and servers, X1 has modified its software to easily handle the virtual systems in the same way as other desktop systems. Each year, X1 modifies and develops its software to handle the latest changes in technology.

The user of X1’s desktop search product is presented with a personal login and storage. The user is able to view a history of searches at his or her fingertips. Each search returns a list on the screen of results from the requested search. When the user decides to choose one of the result, the document opens up on the same screen for viewing. If the user is satisfied with his choice, he can move the document to its own screen for easier viewing. Emails and blogs are all available as search results. Our software readily sends emails and attachments; it works just as well for groups as for individual employees. It really is hard to remember what systems were used in the past once users learn X1’s desktop search software.

All in all, there is only one issue I can find with X1’s products. At this time, there is no version for Apple systems. X1’s Search 8 only works on PC computers for now.

4k Technology and its Impact on You

4K TVs are ultra High Definition Television (HDTV) screens that display pictures in huge pixels four times than the normal HD pixels. They have more than 8 million pixels because they are 3840 x 2160 pixels whereas normal HD TVs are 1920 x 1080 pixels. They are referred to as 4K TVs because their images are nearly 4000 pixels in width.

These Televisions have 4K resolutions that display pixels in horizontal position on the order of 4000 pixels. Most of these resolutions are present in Liquid Crystal Display screens and also in Home Theater projectors. Every picture is clear with image information and color resolution which gives you great comfort and a better viewing experience. Video streaming sites such as YouTube also use resolution methods where videos uploaded do not exceed 4096 x 3072 pixels.

4K Television technologies have trended globally with the innovation of various brands making huge sales in the TV industry. Let’s look at some of the best 4K TVs today:

  • Sony KD-65X9005B

With great UHD picture quality, the Sony KD-65X9005B it displays enchanting content since it has 2160 pixels which make your Television programs look and feel far better. It is HDMI-compatible and has a high performance Active Shutter 3D to ensure that it is a top quality product. Its price retails at €3849.00 from with no shipment charges.

  • Samsung UE65HU8500

This curved 4K TV measure up to 65 cm across its curved surface. It is compatible with 2.0 HDMI ports and has a H.265 4K video codec so as to display excellent images. This product is available at a price of £2974.00 from


  • Toshiba 58L9363

Its price is pocket-friendly since it will only cost you $1995 from as opposed to the above Sony and Samsung whose prices are quite higher. It has smart TV options known as Cloud TV that provides you with social communication where you can get in touch with friends and also a variety of apps that you can use. With its CEVO 4K engine it creates enhanced image resolution and amazing picture information by up-scaling it from normal HD to Ultra HD 4K.

Benefits of 4K TVs

Owning a 4K Television is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Best viewer experience

You get to watch your favorite TV channels at the comfort of your living room and you can even seat closer to your TV to get see pictures clearly.

  • High quality videos


Since they have many pixels, these TVs display content in depth and give the exact picture information. Their picture quality cannot be achieved by resolution of normal HD TVs which makes them excellent.

Even though they may be expensive for many customers to afford, 4K TVs are one of the best innovated devices for entertainment not only at home but also in the cinema halls. With this TV it feels like viewing objects straight through the window since every content detail is visible with no grain effect that most normal HD TVs experience.








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