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Damian JonesHello, my name is Damian Jones. Welcome to The goal of Biz Gene, LLC is to foster a lively community of iPhone apps users, iPhone app developers and Apple enthusiasts. This community aims to provide support to all iPhone users. It also wants to become a valuable source of reviews, information, ideas, and opportunities for app developers. That wild idea may be the next best thing and this blog can help.

I have been an iPhone user ever since it was launched in 1997. But before that, I already was an avid fan of anything Apple. What the iPhone has done however is astounding and often credited to reshaping the way mobile phones function. This clearly has revolutionized the mobile industry. With the introduction of touch screen in the mobile and the multi-functionality of the cellular phone, there really is no stopping the improvement and innovation of the mobile phone, and the iPhone led the way. Now, we are seeing numerous applications of all kinds, from telling time, to making a list, to music, videos, pictures and games. There are Applications that tells about shopping trends, newsfeeds and all kinds of or stuff on the internet. With a million users of the iPhone, these users can benefit from each other. Sharing has never been easier with the iPhone. And creativity has never been boundless with the potential of creating applications that cater to specific interests. As an iPhone enthusiast and an amateur software developer, I decided to create Biz Gene LLC last 2013. I make my personal mission to create a forum of exchanges of ideas as well as support for people who have the same interest. The goal is to get as much people as possible to share ideas and support other iPhone users. I can be reached through our contact here or visit the office at 701 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207.